Van Doren Series Classics


Van Doren Series Classics for Spring 2013

The spring season rolls out the next installment of the Van Doren Series from Vans Classics. Vans revives long-gone prints on two styles of the Era and three makes of the Authentic. The Era presents a funky two-tone treatment which is inspired by custom sneakers from Vans’ early days when customers could create their own color-ups in-store. Designers recreated two pairs of vintage custom Eras with the Checker/Green Flash and Hawaiian/Red colorways. The Authentic reintroduces a trio of prints last seen in the early ‘90s for its Leopard/Black, Parrot/Light Blue and Retro Flag offerings. Each piece of footwear is finished off with an enzyme wash treatment and the original Van Doren heeltab branding. The Van Doren Series Authentics and Eras are available now at select Vans retailers.

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  1. tenzin dorjee says:

    this alll r very nice and i am a tibetan boy who like to become a football player like neymar

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