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Well, this morning I got sucked into this documentary about the Pirate Bay and its founders. I have embedded it below. The doc basically covers their fight against the court system regarding their assistance on copyright infringement. The whole copyright/piracy/sharing thing is a complex but interesting topic, one that could go on forever. I understand people & industries gunning for these guys, but it does seem like an inaccurate means to an end. As one YouTube commenter said – “this is like convicting a weapon manufacturer for all the murders committed with weapons created by them. Makes no sense”

Again, this is a complex issue and I’m sure there are numerous opinions.

The film maker has made the documentary available for free, but you can also pay for it if you like. Hit up the TPB AFK site for more info, and assorted stats on people who have paid for the documentary, YouTube views etc…

Click below to watch TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard

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  1. THE GHOST says: Do you want to watch it for free? HAHAHAHAHAHA how operable!

  2. Mirta says:

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