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Jake Seeley has quite the eclectic taste in music, which is exactly the kind of surprising shit I like to find out. To be honest, I assumed that Jake was mainly a hip hop kid for the longest time, but nope.

Click below for a breakdown of Jake’s favorite albums along with some words about each one from Jake himself. Killa!


Offspring – SMASH

This was one of the first Punk albums I ever heard. I was about 10 years old when I first came across this album. I remember it like it was yesterday….. Me and my father we’re off roading in his newly
built 4X4 Ford Bronco somewhere in the middle of VT. He popped a tape into the cassette player which ended up being The Offspring’s 3rd album “SMASH”. I hadn’t heard of the band or album at the time but I knew my dad had good taste in music so it had to be good. We skipped the tape to “Youth Energy” which is the first song after the intro song “Time to Relax”. From the second I heard the first guitar riff I knew I was in love. It was such an energetic powerful feeling of adrenalin that was going through me. This feeling lasted throughout the remainder of the album. It was like nothing I’ve ever heard before. There’s something about the fast tempo, high energy punk rock sounds and powerful hectic lyrics that continues to give me that same feeling to this very day. Even if you’re not a fan of Punk Rock I definitely recommend listing to SMASH, it might just have the same effect on you as it did me!


Juicy J – Blue Dream and Lean

Juicy J’s most recent mixtape “Blue Dream and Lean” is definitely one of the hottest in my opinion, with Blue Dream & Lean being basically a hybrid continuation of Juicy J’s two previous mixtapes (Rubber Band Business and Rubber Band Business 2), so you know its got to be good. It can be enjoyed in the best of both worlds, whether you’re trying to get hyphy at the biggest party in town or just trying to kick back and get smoked out with the homies. Head over to and give it a
listen. Rumor is that he’s got a new “album” dropping real soon so stay tuned!

Electric Wizard - 2000 - Dopethrone

Electric Wizard – Dope Thrown

The “Heaviest band in the universes” most famous opus and third album is everything good musical output should not be. If you like structure and clean sounding vocals/ intermits this is not the album for you! It’s noisy, messy, lazy and droning which is exactly what myself or any fan of Sludge Metal is looking for in an album. This was one of the first albums of their genre I’ve ever heard which wasn’t a mistake. After hearing its blazon psychedelia and drenched in heavy metal sound of chaos, I knew there was no turning back!


Skream -Skream!

Skream’s debut album is such a classic. I was lucky enough to be introduced into the genre of bass music around this time before the new wave Dubstep (also known as “Brostep”) overtook the US. I love this album because its your traditional DUB 140 BPM tempo with groovy unique baselines and none of the over hyped frat boy chainsaw skrizzle robot fighting electronic dub fail. Basically if the only bass music you’ve heard is what I referred to as “Brostep” and hated it, I recommend checking out this album, it could give you a whole new appreciation for the genre.


The Acacia Strain – The Dead Walk

This album can only be summed up into two words, Pure Destruction. I can’t say I’ve ever listen to it below max volume, which might be because I’m screaming every lyric right along with Vincent (the vocalist) on every song. This album is hands down one of the heaviest Metalcore records to date. Songs like “Burn Face” and “Pity” just make you want to beat some children into a bloody pulp. If you like
brutality, heavy drop “G” breakdowns and chugging guitar riffs I would say drop what you’re doing and pick up this album today. Massachusetts represent!


Com Truise – Galactic Melt

This albums chillwave synth pop sound will melt your brain right back to the 80’s and that’s what I love about it. This is one of the best electronic albums I’ve came across in years. It’s the kind of album you can just sit down and relax to or get you on the dance floor busting a few moves.

23kqmi1 - Copy

Sleep – Dopesmoker

This is the definition of “Stoner Metal”. An album created by 3 smoked out kids in the mid 90’s who walked into a well known recording studio that had the idea of creating a single song, that would rip for well over an hour. Over the course of a couple of months, the band recorded at (Liberty Records) Studio reworking the song until they had something they were all high on. As luck would have it, the producers behind the album weren’t happy with an album consisting of one track, and didn’t think it would sell. The drama behind this broke up the band and the album was released in a few different sub-par album releases. Fast forward a decade later and the band is back together, the album is out in a remastered version, and everyone lives happily ever after in Stoned out America!


Cam’ron – Killa Season

This album brings me right back to the good old days, the days when I spent every possible weekend cruising/weaving the busy street of NYC with all the local homies! Its always been a little reminder of where I adapted my street riding style from.

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