You Won’t

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Ever since I got this book at Interbike last year, it has been next to my bed ready for frequent diving into (no pun intended). It truly is full of great photos, stories and features a bunch of people (not just Dean). The fact that Dean Dickinson had the foresight to pull this off still impresses me.

Well, “You Won’t: 100 Pools Ridden by Dean Dickinson” is available now on Blurb. Read below for some info, then check the deep end (pun intended) for photos of some of the spreads.

From Dean:
TEAM SHRALP is proud to announce that YOU WON’T 100 Pools Ridden By Dean Dickinson is now available from Blurb.

Blurb is a print on demand book distributor. You can download your copy in PDF, or get your hands on an 8×10 soft cover format! YOU WON’T is dedicated to Dean’s brother in law James Schiefelbein R.I.P. 50% of the sales go directly towards the Schiefelbein family.




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