The Ben Hucke.

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Yep. This is happening.

If you follow any well known riders on Instagram, chances are you have noticed them juicing (no, not Lance Armstrong style). Photos of fruits & veggies on countertops have been abundant recently.This is all good in my book. Well… One night, something came over me and I tweeted at some dudes saying “Let’s get some juicing recipes on Defgrip. I’m serious!”, and Ben Hucke came through like greased lightning without much persuasion from me. It was apparent through the information he provided that he was all about this and knew his shit. Read below for Ben’s favorite recipe and its benefits. I’ve dubbed it “The Ben Hucke”.

The Ben Hucke:

Carrots – Known to improve vision, help lower the risk of breast, colon and lung cancer,  prevent heart disease, reduce stroke, nourish skin, anti aging effects and dental health.

Beets – Brain and energy boost, super antioxidant, anti inflammatory, cell detox, improve mental health making you feel more positive, reduces risk of skin and lung cancer. Also known as Natures Viagra! haha.

Celery – Immune system, blood pressure, inflammation and arthritis.

Parsley – Immune system, healthy heart, anti inflammatory, arthritis, antioxidants, lowers stress, anti cancer, inhibits the formation of tumors especially in the lungs, colon and prostate.

Cilantro – Metal cleansing (loosens any metals from tissue), lowers effects of anxiety, improves sleep, antibacterial/anti-fungle activity and strong antioxidant.

Cucumber – B vitamins for a quick pick me up, hydration, joint health, fresh breath, hangover cure, and fights cancers, digestion and weight loss.

Apples – Bone protection, asthma help, antihistamine, alzheimers prevention, lower cholesterol, cancer prevention of several different types.

You can add as little or as much of any of these ingredients and it’s still good. Adding juicing to my normal diet has helped me out a lot as far as feeling better, clearing my mind,  no longer have allergies, acid reflux disease is completely gone and I just have more energy in general. Juicing allows the nutrients to go straight into your blood stream replenishing your cells within five minutes, you can actually feel it happening in that time and feel yourself lift up and ready to go for the day.

In today’s society it’s hard and it’s expensive to live healthy, but slowly adding fresh juices to your diet over time will subconsciously allow you to become more aware of eating healthy and naturally craving healthy foods.

-Ben Hucke

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13 responses to “The Ben Hucke.”

  1. Rusty Blake says:

    Definitely have been wanting to invest in a juicer!

  2. this is SOOOOOOO stupid says:

    very gay. almost as gay as two dudes going to get tats together. what happen to all you gangsta wangsta asses who were screaming out YOLO, now you want to juice like you’re fucking jack lalanne give it up you fucking tryhards

  3. Michael says:

    It is only stupid if you are part of the problem.. Go die

  4. Mark twain says:

    All generalizations are false, including this one.

  5. thisonesgood says:

    hahah still not strong enough to fight back while getting punched in the face at his own house. what ingredient fights off yeast infections from dildos?

  6. Coastal says:

    lol dude got sucker punched and jaw shattered by someone 3 times his size.. You would probably still be swinging I’m sure.

  7. martwain says:

    rad idea, mooooore!

  8. drinkupfools says:

    So psyched to see this on Defgrip! Get on the juice!

  9. martindale says:

    i love juicing, its help my diabetes and overall health

  10. h says:

    there’s a reason you can drink 3lbs of juice from produce but can’t eat the same amount. significant amounts of nutrients are lost with the discarded leftover pulp from juicing, the most important being almost all the fiber. the “lift up” you feel is a sugar rush, not a vitamin boost.

    juicing is a positive step in the right direction for people who can’t eat produce naturally(old folks with dentures) or simply refuse to(fastfood diet young men), but it’s hardly a replacement for eating your veggies, much less a nutritional magic bullet.

  11. jolt cola says:

    H is a little misinformed in his first paragraph; incorrect. Most nutrients and beneficial properties of plants are in the plant “blood” aka juice.
    He is right in the last part of his final sentence, it’s not a way to offset bad eating habits that aren’t centered around unprocessed plant based foods.

  12. mack dre says:

    Just eat it. Pussy.

  13. Hellen says:

    And this is an investment risk price taking.