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I just checked out the new Markit flip book and came to the realization that they’re a good example of a crew taking a brand and running with it. Even if there are no physical products yet, you’re familiar with the dudes and they seem to be having such a good time that you automatically wanna be down. Markit keeps the content flowing and stays in your face while filming for their first DVD too.

With that said, click HERE to check out their flipbook from a recent trip and below for their recent Apocalyptic Markit Mix.

In case you missed it, check out our Dennis Enarson interview too, where he reveals that Markit will be a denim company.

4 responses to “MARKIT”

  1. adam22 says:

    markit does have physical product(s). The seat.

  2. Nuno says:

    That’s a Demolition product. Markit site currently has no “product” category either.

  3. Nick F. says:

    but that logo.

  4. says:

    A financial advisor is your planning associate.