Varsity Jacket:
This is a black varsity jacket, based on the classic design of college and sports jackets, with real leather sleeves and a woolen shell. ´Orange Juice´ is in black quilting on the back, as well as three crosses on the upper right sleeve, referring to the civic crest of Amsterdam. Also there is a little embroidered in white on the upper left side of the front of the shell. The jacket has two side pockets and can be closed using a zipper and buttons. Few Varsity Jackets are available for sale.


Grey crewneck sweater (American Apparel) with the Orange Juice logo in black printed on the chest. This sweater has a nice and soft inner coating, making it really comfortable to wear.


Pocket Tee:
Grey T-shirt (American Apparel) with a pocket on the left side of the chest. Has Orange Juice printed in black on the back.


Poppin Tee:
Our most expressive clothing article featured in our new line is probably the black T-shirt (American Apparel) with the words ‘If you hear any noise it’s just me and the boys poppin’ printed on it in white capital letters. This is a shirt that comes with a story: in the 70’s, a baseball player, named Dave Parker, playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was well known for his flare and his skill when it came to hitting homeruns. After the Pirates lost two games in a row to the Phillies, Parker responded by wearing a homemade shirt that read: ‘IF YOU HEAR ANY NOISE IT’S JUST ME AND THE BOYS BOPPIN’ in reference to the team’s potent offence. We liked the shirt, loved the story behind it, and decided to re-release the shirt with our own little twist to it.


Grey beanie (American Apparel) with a round black and white patch on it showing our brand name and the orange logo. Because of the thick fabrics, the beanie has a nice feel and is sure to keep you warm on those cold days.


Orange Juice x Quintin hat:
After the success of last years six-panel snapback, created in collaboration with Quintin’, comes a new one in Bordeaux red with the same leather patch used for our former model which showed our logo together with Amsterdam’s canal houses. The cap is made from woolen fabrics and has ‘We walk the walk’ stitched in subtle red on the back, placing emphasis on movement and creation.


Our very own Orange Juice skateboard, showing one of our models, scantily clad and wearing the Quintin’ cap, on the bottom of the board. The decks are made of 100% Canadian maple and come in two sizes: 8’’ and 8.25’’. The decks can be bought either with or without grip, so you can either choose to skate it, or buy it as a collectible to maybe put on your wall. The decks are issued in a very small number.


We made this headphone in collaboration with Frends; together with sound quality, Frends’ top priorities when making headphones are comfort and durability, making them a great choice for daily use. These headphones have a steel construction, a black leather headband, brown leather ear-cushioning and black ear-caps with the Orange Juice logo printed on them in white. These headphones are different from your regular set of headphones since they also have a microphone for hands-free calls, and multifunctional ear-cap tap control (play/pause/next/answer/hang-up) so you won’t have to reach for your pockets every time you want to switch songs or answer a call. The number of these headphones are very limited and will only be for the happy few.


In addition to the whole product line we thought it would be handy to have something to carry around all our gear in. This is where our tote bags come in; coloured in black with our logo printed on both sides.

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photos by Orange Juice Crew