Talk Is Cheap: Assorted Facts

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Cult’s much anticipated second video ( Talks Is Cheap ) is out now. Even though I haven’t seen it yet, I’m gonna suggest you pick up a copy anyway. Seems like a safe bet.

Anyway… check below for a few facts and interesting tidbits from the making of TIC. Thanks to Robbie, Navaz & Adam Roye.


From Robbie:

– We used the good times from LET EM TALK and parlayed that into filming for TALK IS CHEAP. Filming time was around 2 years.

– 4 VX cameras broke and were repaired during the filming, VX life.

– We traveled as much as we could. Main spots were PHILLY, NY, NJ, CALI, AUSTIN, ARIZONA, NEW ORLEANS, PORTLAND, AKRON and ENGLAND to name a few we had good luck with.

– One trip to SO-CAL that was planned, included leaving to hit AZ. We were having some good luck getting clips so we never left Cali, we stuck around and battled spots and security and it actually was a good call.

– This was Alex Kennedy’s first full length section and he graciously dedicated it to DAK who helped with filming, spots and just being a homie.

– I personally took Dakota Roche to the emergency room 3 times for stitches and various concussions. The last visit he had a super hot nurse that made the trip worth it.

– We travelled to the same school 3 times for Chase Hawk’s ender. One session a car full of skaters pulled up, ran by us and over to the the 21 stair that Dak iced. The rail is gnarly and one of the kids boardslid it first try, they wished us good luck and went on their way, shit was crazy.

– Chase Dehart became a proud father during the filming and managed to put together his best section yet in my opinion. Cash Dehart is the youngest member of the CULT CREW.

– Trey Jones ran head on into more things than any rider while filming.

– Dave Krone’s dog Twinkie makes plenty of cameos, one famous chihuahua.

– Bas Keep has a full section and displays his talent for riding big, crazy shit.

– Russ traveled with his lovely girlfriend Lauren all over the country in their trusty Prius, green life.

– We bought a team van and put it to good use, always wanted a white team van. Motel 6 was the hotel of choice on the road much to my delight.

– Adam L. Roye did all the graphics and ads for TALK IS CHEAP.

– I got engaged during the filming and will be married in March to my girl Rebecca Schofield.


From Navaz:

– I bought a Canon 814xls super 8 camera off a guy on eBay who re-furbishes cameras and claims them to be in 100% working order. Over the first year with it, I shot 29 rolls of film and never any test rolls. Luckily the guy wasn’t lying and everything came out perfect.

– A good percentage of the footage in the video is shot within pedaling distance from either my apartment in Philly or my house in Austin. We would just pedal around and things would happen naturally. Dak completely destroyed my neighborhood in Philly but never made it to Austin.

– The first song picked for the soundtrack was the intro, in the summer of 2010, before any clips were filmed. The video’s look and feel were inspired by that song.

– The last song picked was for Chase Dehart, about a week or so before the premiere. I picked up that record and saw the name of the song on the track list and thought “this is it”, before even hearing it. Luckily Chase was into it.

– Trey’s intro song is performed by an actual Cult.

– The most time spent on any single clip was Dave Krone’s full cab over the curb to fakie nose manual down the bank. I lost track of how many times we went back to that spot and how many hours it took. The first time he tried it was in October 2011, and we had to have gone back at least 10 times until he got it in August 2012.

– The first clip filmed for the video was Dak’s opening wallride after the end of his first song, the following 2 clips that follow it are 2 & 3 in that order.

– Dak took the scariest crash I have ever seen while filming for the video. In anticipation for what was supposed to be his last trick, I had 3 cameras setup, 2 on tripods and 1 handheld. The handheld angle was the worst angle and never even got captured because I didn’t want to look at it again. Dak came out filming two days after and can be seen at the end of the video filming himself with a swollen eye and bandages on his head.

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  1. L_ee says:

    Fucking a-mazing video

  2. Rusty Blake says:

    So fucking stoked to get my copy in the mail!

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