R.I.P. – Jeff Z’s Volvo

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, but Jeff Z’s beloved Volvo (seen here during better days) has burned down. Yes, with fire. Quite possibly the most ubiquitous, hardest working vessel in California, and possibly BMX. I shot the photo above during one of its many missions. Rest in Volvo Heaven.

According to Z:
So why am I making such a fuss over my car that caught fire and burned to a point beyond repair? Well, for starters, half of the photos you see in the pages of Ride and on this website wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t drive that car to those spots—and the same goes for plenty of video clips as well.

Go HERE to check out a feature we ran on the Volvo. Lots of good info and tidbits.

Go HERE to read about it on the Ride site and click below to check out his bike that was salvaged from the trunk.

courtesy of ridebmx instagram

This what Jeff Z’s bike looks like after it was left in the trunk of his car that burnt to the ground. Double heat-treated. -Ry

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