New Defgrip!

Welcome to a freshened up Defgrip.

It’s been a minute since the site has gotten a makeover, so we are happy to finally have a fresh new design for you guys. While this new version is not drastically different from the previous one, it is cleaner, simpler with a focus on the design and overall user experience in the photogalleries & interviews sections. Check the new Get Sylvester gallery for proof.

Furthermore, it was important to us that our main page not be dictated by advertising anymore, so we stripped it down to the bare bones to showcase the content, but created more space for the brands that have supported us over the years. Nice and clean. We launched the previous version of Defgrip in early 2007 and it was an honor to see our previous layout be “re-appropriated” a few times over the years by other sites, but the time has come to switch shit up.

So what’s up with Defgrip these days?

Defgrip’s lifespan has been interesting. It started out as a simple blog run by a few friends for fun, it gained popularity which led to advertisers, became more “business” like for a bit, and now we feel it’s getting back to being a simple blog run by a few friends for fun again (but on a bigger, more important scale). Defgrip has always been something we simply do on the side and because we love to. The site always had a slower pace than others, but if it gets extra slow (i.e. – dormant), it’s because work is keeping us busy and only leaves us wanting to suplex our computers at the end of the day. The re-blogging rat race is not a top priority for us.

We’re still here though and will continue to fill the niche we’ve created for ourselves. There won’t be a million posts a day, but we will still be bringing you cool original content, choice BMX nuggets, photography, music, art and be writing about whatever the hell we want.

Thanks to everyone who supports and visits the site.

– Defgrip Crew

17 responses to “New Defgrip!”

  1. Alex says:

    Good stuff guys

  2. MikeZ says:

    Looks super good dudes!

  3. Always my number 1 site, looking clean!

  4. Kyle says:

    Looking fresh!

  5. smoovebert says:

    keep it up, fellas

  6. Jasper Bell says:

    Looks good, keep it up. Defgrip’s always been my favorite.

  7. Josh Monteith says:

    Defgrip is always my go to bmx/art fix via interwebs. The once every 3 days posts are so rich and so solid. keep on keepin on homies.

    from Seattle, cheers!

  8. julius says:

    Big ups from Helsinki, Finland also! Solid facelift too, good work.

  9. Julian MaltaBMX says:

    Been following Defgrip for a while now, love your sense of style & attitude. Keep up the great work

  10. Robin says:

    Defgrip will continue to be the best thing to open up my browser to in the morning.
    Keep it up.

  11. Timmaayyy says:

    Been a Long term fan, Digging the simplicity it all brings . The chilled out attitude to posting is a treat too , keeps me feeling like Jimmy in a school ! Stickers still around?

  12. dustybodrero says:

    new layout is clean as hell and I love the slower pace. = quality.

  13. Neale says:

    Nothing like a freshen up, looks good.

  14. Ryan B says:

    I’d rather wait for original content and a unique point of view, than wade through monotony. Thanks for the years of freshness

  15. Rey says:

    I’m not into BMX that much but everytime that I want to check out the news I come here and enjoy your post. Keep up the good work, also diggin the new layout. Cheers from Paris.


  16. RoyalRigby says:

    Thanks for giving me a solid break from the usual bmx bullshit that is on the internet.

  17. Dora says:

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