Wild is the Wind

Wild in the Wind is a new project I worked on with Chad Moore for Dazed and Confused. Chad shot the photos that are featured as an editorial in the October issue of Dazed and I shot a film to go along with the article.

Super happy with how the whole project turned out and it was great to work with Chad! We’ve been friends for ages (I actually met him at Woodward when he was a camper and I was working there almost 10 years ago). Keep reading to see the film and the rest of the photos and check out the whole thing on the Dazed site.


5 responses to “Wild is the Wind”

  1. Alex says:

    Did you post process the video to make the photographs, or is that mostly in the lighting?

  2. Harrison says:

    The video and photos are both totally different, shot with different cameras. They were worked on in post to look similar and work together. Thanks!

  3. Alex says:

    Wow, I did not type what I was trying to say. I meant to ask if the video was color corrected to mimic the photographs, with pre-exposure and what not. But I think you answered my question anyways. Thank you sir!

  4. Adam Watkins says:

    Stoked. Just another great thing to come from that year at Woodward. Fantastic work Fellas!!!!!

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