Texas Toast Jam: Assorted Facts & Photos

This years Texas Toast Jam is a wrap. As someone who was involved on the back end of this thing, I can safely claim that it went really well. BMX Heavy hitters came out to our BMX festival and it was truly a good time. Thanks to all that came through and/or supported Toast!

I was running around throughout the jam and couldn’t really shoot photos like last year, but I did manage to pull a few. I did take mental notes about random interesting facts/tidbits regarding Toast as well.

A special special very important shout out to Taj Mihelich, Ryan Corrigan, Burly Matt, Clint Reynolds, Nutter, Will Blount and other volunteers for all their hard work and making the jam a success. Nobody can thank you guys and gals enough.

Hit up the Texas Toast Jam site for all the coverage you can handle.

Click below to check out some pics and to read some interesting tidbits about Texas Toast Jam 2012.

Gary Young over the FLY Bikes obstacle.

John Povah, Rooftoop & Rooftop’s helicopter.

Paint supplies.



Clint Reynolds.

Steve Crandall & Leland.

Ruben Alcantara.


1 – Taj Mihelich came across this years site (Guthrie Lumber) while purchasing wood for a shed he was building.

2 – John Paul Rogers retrieved his recently stolen bike at Toast. Someone happened to roll in with it, and he took it back.

3 – The bottom of the QBP/Goblin half pipe thing in the Gauntlet of Death was secretly extended. There was originally no flat bottom, and was probably impossible otherwise.

4 – Steve Crandall (and I assume other FBM affiliates) slept outside the Toast site in the black FBM bus each night. Some dudes camped on the lawn.

5 – Big Dave Harrison happened to be in town for a wedding and ended up helping out. He welded up some rails along with Clint Reynolds.

6 – Luscious Lee Wade and Buck Chocolate miraculously resurfaced during Texas Toast Jam.

7 – Ruben Alcantara actually drew/wrote the sidewall detail on the spinning FLY obstacle in the Gauntlet of Death. It was made to look like his tire. See photo above.

8 – The Dans Comp obstacle in the Gauntlet of Death was dubbed “Ride The Lightning”. It was a lightning bolt shaped plank thing that slid a few feet. Riders had to jump on it and it would slide.

9 – The second day (sunday) called for rain, but it ended up being sunny all day.

10 – The first day (saturday) called for no rain, but ended up raining off and on. Nothing was really affected.

11 – Trey Jones launched out of the last berm in dirt over the barbed wire fence into the field next door. No idea how Trey got back in.

12 – Steve Crandall and Darryl Nau got special one-off American flag motif Texas Toast Jam hats for announcing.

13 – Jim Bauer wrote the street finalists on the back of a pizza box. Crandall and Nau proceeded to read from said pizza box during the event.

14 – Tony Cardona (well into party mode) took repeated rebel runs during street finals, almost as if he was in the actual contest. Quoting Cardona, “yeah man, I haven’t been this pumped in years. I couldn’t help myself”.

15 – Tony Cardona (well into party mode) launched out of the S&M shield quarter (in the dirt course), over the barbed wire fence and into the neighboring street. From what I could tell, he pulled it just fine and rode away with middle finger in the air. It was pretty awesome and wild.

16 – Some dude ended up watching dirt from up in a tree and ended up being affectionately called “tree man”.

17 – The Odyssey jersey barrier thing that was on top of one of the ramps in street was originally a bench that was built for Empire BMX. It had to be reinforced mid way through the event to withstand awesomeness. That would explain why some photos have “Odyssey” painted on it and some don’t.

18 – The “Monty” ramp that Taj built for street now resides in Sandy Carson’s backyard.

19 РMark Potozny jumped the second straight in dirt backwards in one of his runs. He started his run normally, veered off after the  first jump in the second straight and managed to hit the wooden berm backwards, jumped the second straight backwards, hit the S&M/Texas Toast quarter again and finished the rest of the course like normal.

20 – Rooftop built a wild helicopter (with spinning propeller) for the street course, so people could stunt over it. He had to call a mini van style taxi to get it to the event. It was quickly destroyed somehow shortly after being put onto the course.

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  1. 55 says:

    -those boards were there before trey jumped the berm; he rode around the block to get back in the lumberyard.

  2. Karolyn says:

    That is true for funding advice as nicely.