Quintin Story Time with Jim Bauer

Story Time with Jim Bauer – Episode 1 from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

In addition to adding Raul Ruiz to the team and presenting part 2 of the Imprint Project at Texas Toast, Quintin has also released part one of their Story Time series with Jim Bauer.

5 responses to “Quintin Story Time with Jim Bauer”

  1. Joram says:

    Couldn’t understand a thing Bauer was saying because of the music volume. Great track though 😉 And nice cars

  2. Jim Bauer story was pretty amazing. Tittle tale of his life. Past – Present – and Futre. said and done.

  3. rascal says:

    gotta agree joram. couldnt really hear half of it cause music was way too loud

  4. matt says:

    Sound is 80% of what you see and I couldn’t hear anything. Spend 15 mins on a sound mix and re-upload. Interesting video otherwise.

  5. And this is an funding danger worth taking.