More Sandy Photos

Here’s a bunch of random photos of the damage and flooding from Hurricane Sandy I’ve come across online.


  • mike.m.

    nice job giving photo credits to any of these. i understand that in this situation it’s difficult to find the info, but not a single one? kind of hypocritical after the whole chris doyle thing, no?

  • Lloyd.R.

    Ever been on Tumblr? No photo credits anywhere. I am a photographer/videographer and I realize once you put something on the internet you no longer own it.

  • Harrison Boyce

    The Doyle thing was more about other sites just completely ripping our exclusive story about him being on empire and publishing as if it was their own news. I clearly stated that these were images I found online. It would have been a different story if I just wrote “here are a bunch of photos of Sandy” and tried to pass them off as my own.

  • Also A. Photographer

    if you got the raw files you never stop owning it, no ones turnin profits off the shit so why not share it.

  • dan o

    mike m. you whack doe