FBM “Lords of Fun” bus Guidelines.

The FBM “Lords of Fun” Hell Bus is quite the sight to behold. It’s painted an ominous black (windows too), is actually a school bus and is cleverly branded with FBM’s brand of branding. Road tripping across the country in this bad boy must be a challenge of some sort, one that the FBM crew is surely up for.

I got to spend some time in the Hell Bus during Texas Toast Jam. Oddly enough, it feels like a school bus inside, only with sleeping quarters and living room style seating arrangement. I asked Crandall various things about it, such as what kind of gas mileage it got, knowing damn well it probably got terrible gas mileage. I also came across the guidelines for good times. Abide!

Cheers to Crandall and FBM.

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