Take a Long Toilet Break

The folks over at the Albion are starting to release their back issues free online. So if you haven’t been able to acquire one, now’s your chance. There’s plenty of great articles/interviews to catch up on, so get crackin. The Albion is unlike any other BMX mag (for better or for worse), so get into it and enjoy.

Issue 1 HERE, and subsequent issues dropping every Monday morning for the next 9 weeks.

2 responses to “Take a Long Toilet Break”

  1. Print is dead says:

    Every single time the Albion comes out I hear a featured rider comment that most of their interview was made up by the Albion or misquoted to a large extent. Sloppy and poor reporting, pages that fall out of the magazine, printed on newspaper. Such a poor job for the access they have to the top riders and legends.

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