Shadow at Woodward

It’s probably because I spent so much time at Woodward when I was younger, but I really love watching edits from Woodward… Especially Woodward East. The Shadow crew spent some time out there this summer and put together a rad edit with Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones, Drew Bezanson, Scott Ditchburn, and Alistair Whitton hitting pretty much every setup the camp has to offer… Watching this has got me thinking back to being 18 years old, working at Woodward, with nothing better to do then ride bikes and talk to girls… ahh, life used to be so simple… hahaha.

One response to “Shadow at Woodward”

  1. Craig M says:

    watched the video before I read your description and you pretty much word for word took it right out of my mouth. Almost 15 Years latter and seeing Lot 8, The Cage, and Cloud 9 almost feels like you were there yesterday.