Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

Ok, I admit it… I’ve never seen one Stanley Kubrick movie (the collective gasp just sucked the oxygen out of my room). I’ve also never made a movie but still found this interesting. Here’s a quick little trip through some Kubrick shit, one-point perspective style.

The dude responsible for this has some cool work on his Vimeo page. Click below to check out “Tarantino // From Below”.

6 responses to “Kubrick // One-Point Perspective”

  1. Kubrick is the man, every single movie he has done explains all the different occult asspects behind the freemasons. Just go watch “eye wide shut” the title should be enough of a hint…

  2. CL says:

    please do tell the freemason connection to A Clock Work Orange

  3. Sam says:


  4. Spoon says:

    The ‘Breaking Bad POV’ was amazing, like the above. Well done indeed!

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