Jon Contino

If you’re a regular to this site, than you know that we are fans of Jon Contino. I’ve done a Q&A with him and we had him take over photo of the day for a month. Dude’s good.

I just came across this cool piece on him, check it out. Dude seems to have that cool inspiring vibe that could rub off on you.

4 responses to “Jon Contino”

  1. Maxwell Duff says:

    One of my favorite creatives ever. Raw talent.

  2. Ryan Scott says:

    Wow, thanks for posting. He’s got some amazing work and seems like a genuinely nice and humble guy.

  3. Craig Moser says:

    these are the videos that after working 9 hours in the studio and then coming home and putting in another 8 make you still enjoy what you do for a living.

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