Ben Austin @ Random

Rider: Chris Brown
Location: Minneapolis, MN

This one is from a summer ago when Chris and Tony Malouf were visiting Reed Stark in Minneapolis on a trip for BSD. It was a pretty quick weekend, but everyone was making the most of it and putting together a little web edit dubbed “Minnesota Nice”. I was along to shoot a few photos and hang out enjoying the late summer days.

One thing that really stuck out to me about Chris is that he doesn’t take warm-up runs. This has caught me off guard, since I’m used to being able to take my time a little more and get myself set up before a photo. He just takes a good look at a spot, puts things together in his mind’s eye, and fires it out. This sketchy rail ride was no exception. The setup was far from ideal: downhill runup, harsh chunk where the path met the stairs, and a wobbly railing. It was no problem for Chris though, as he quickly took a look and went for it. It only took two tries before we had the photo, the clip, and were off to eat tacos before heading to the next spot.

Ben Austin

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