We were on a trip in Arizona filming for “Any Wich way” with BSD, this day we tried to ride a ditch spot in town but it was already busy, skaters on mission. Cigi time start at the spot, kinda waste of time! So I just say to Joey Motta (our guide) that it would be sick to go to the mountains we see in the background. He said of course we can and mentioned “oh there is an abandoned pool just over there” like nothing, so we jump in the van to hit that pool. When we arrived there was construction guys here, we were thinking it was dead but the workers allowed us to ride and said “we never saw you” haha. It was a sick sesh for Malouf, Teet, Paley, Kyle… and for me!! We score a Dig cover with Crab too so I was really stoked.

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photos by Vincent Perraud