Why not just use a real camera?

Yes. For just $250, you too can have your iPhone look like an optometrists office.

Nothing makes me want to drop more internet acronyms (WTF, LOL, SMH, GTFOOH) than absurd iPhone camera accesories. Are people really buying this shit? I might be mistaken, but we all have iPhones for the ease it provides. Once you start carrying extra bits and/or the thing no longer fits in your pocket, than the purpose is defeated. Right? The fact that an iPhone can already take amazing photos should be good enough, but no, we want more. Even if you already have real camera gear, don’t worry, you too can take a few steps backwards. ROFL.

I know some of you want the dopest instagram photos on the block, but come on. I am willing to give a pass to the cute little wide angles though. BUT THAT’S IT!!!!!!

I’ve never actually seen much of this stuff out in the wild, but there must be a market for it if people are still trying to get stuff like this off the ground.

For me personally, I’ve noticed that I’m using my iPhone in place of my film P&S more these days for casual daily photos, which is pretty interesting. This is partly due to instagram and a few sweet photo apps (which is all I need to get my iPhonography on). I’m guessing some of you are probably in the same boat as well.

Where am I going with all this? Basically, don’t be this guy.

10 responses to “Why not just use a real camera?”

  1. Nuno is opposed to free market capitalism.

  2. That iPhone Olympic coverage is awesome! Love that he’s shooting with binoculars

  3. Spoon says:

    I’ve been ‘window shopping’ those “cute little wide angels” for months, but haven’t been able to convince myself of the direct need yet.

    “This AMERIKA!”

  4. david seetoh lang says:

    I recently made a video using an iphone with a fisheye lens and a steadicam. The lens is made by Schneider Optics (whose parent company makes the death lens) and the steadicam by Tiffen, who makes the actual steadicam used in Hollywood. The total cost of the lens and steadicam was $400, which is very decent for a setup that works so well.

    And there is a really good reason for this. Was able to shoot in so many places that a normal camera would be too big and attention-grabbing to work, most especially the Montreal subway where I never got questioned once. check it out –


    I truly believe that the future of image capturing is with these iPhones. They are small, capture very decent HD footage, connect to the internet, the software can be very cheaply updated with apps, and most of all, there are millions and millions of these things around. For me, small dedicated cameras are long dead and gone. The iPhone does that job so much better than dedicated cameras do.

  5. Alexbourassayoung says:

    The cycling ones in his guardian blog are amazing

  6. doommob says:

    why wasnt the title of this “you know what really grinds my gears?”

  7. John says:

    $250?! I got my fisheye lens for less than $20. My friend got his for like $5-10. Coolest little thing ever!

  8. bobx67 says:

    im converting my leica to take incoming calls.

  9. Sherry says:

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