Major Buzz Surrounding Kevin Porter

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Buzz. Coffee. GET IT!! I had to recycle this headline, sorry.

Anyway…. Kevin Porter has recently switched things up. He has made the move back home to Chicago and took up a new riding/working gig with Bow Truss Coffee Roasters.

I asked Kevin some questions about all this (along with some random ones), so click below to check them out.

Thanks to David Leep for the photos.

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So, you’ve been living in Long Beach for a while and now you’re back in Chicago. How does it feel to be back home?

I’m happy to be back in Chicago, it will forever be the place I call home. I really do enjoy living in different cities for short times though.

Living in Long Beach with that super neighborhood feel was awesome. I’m going to miss everyone there!

What brought on this move?

My father has been fighting cancer for sometime now. The thought of moving home to be closer to him and my family has been in my mind since I first got to Cali. Outside of my family, I’ve been trying to get into selling coffee for a really long time. I’ve been holding off taking a job because I wanted something that is going to fit my riding life. Moving home to Chicago with the option of taking a very comfortable position at BowTruss Coffee Roasters as well as getting the support to keep riding sounded like a perfect situation.

You’re no stranger to moving around. Is Chicago where you ultimately wish to end up?

I believe so; I really enjoy living in places like Cali and Austin. But, I always come back. If I move again, it will be New York or Portland.

For a long time you were repping Intelligentsia, but now you are with Bow Truss Coffee. Why the change?

Bow Truss is giving me the chance to work, which is all I really needed from Intelligentsia. They gave me the education; all they needed to do is find a position. They have been making a lot of refinements at Intelli and I just think I was looking for something there at the worst time. I’ll always look to them with respect. They are a great coffee company that is making incredible strides in specialty coffee.

Bow Truss is a new coffee roaster correct? Fill us in on them.

BowTruss is a brand new coffee company in Chicago. The company is complied of Chicago’s most involved coffee experts. That is part of the reason it was so easy for me to come aboard. Although we are a brand new coffee roaster, the people here are veterans to the coffee world. Check out the site to read more about the company and pick up a bag! You wont regret it trust me! haha

Will you be working AND riding for Bow Truss? What are your duties?

I will, they really want me to stay active in the BMX world. As far as working, I love selling coffee, its as much fun to me as riding. Being able to be supported by both drinking coffee and riding bikes! Nothing in my life can possibly surpass that!!!

What do you say to people who think “all coffee is the same”?

“You have never tried a real cup of coffee.” If I had to guess I would say that out of all the coffee in the world being made right now, less then 10% of it is being made correctly. There is a science to making a proper cup of coffee. That is why so many wine, beer, and food professionals move to coffee because the variables in refining a proper coffee to the public are almost impossible to perfect. It is an extremely hard challenge.

If someone replaced the Ethiopa Yirgacheffe with Folger’s Crystals, would anyone notice?

Definitely, especially seeing how the Ethiopa Yirgacheffee is so dynamic and sweet they wouldn’t need to add sugar.

For all the people out there… How does Kevin Porter prepare his coffee in the morning?

I use a Hario V60 pourover set with a nice scale. Very simple looking procedure with a lot of fun creative moves to work with. It looks like an hour glass that comes apart in the middle. It has a funnel shaped filter. I weigh out my coffee to somewhere in the 20-25 grams of coffee. I pour water over it with a kettle. I use 45grams of water for 45 seconds. I finish pouring the water with a total weight of 295gs. I try to get the brew finished within 2.5 – 3 minutes.

How many cups of coffee do you estimate you consumed during the duration of filming your Bad Idea part?

Well, lets just do the math here! 4 years of filming 2 cups of coffee a day. If my mac calculator is correct, 2920 cups of coffee have gone through my body in the process of filming Empire’s Bad Idea!

Thanks Kevin, all the best to ya. Any last words before we wrap this up?

I would like to take this time to thank all of my supportive sponsors Flybikes! EmpireBMX! Quintin Co! You do so much more for me then just support my riding. I would like to thank my parents and all the nice people at Bowtruss Coffee roasters. I would like to thank Doug, Stephan, everyone at intelligentsia coffee and most importantly Jay Cunningham. Jay thank you for all that you have done for me in the past! If your in Chicago hit me up on twitter or Instagram @tierrakp to find out where to try BowTruss Coffee? LOVE YOU!

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Bow Truss Press Release.


Chicago, IL. Bow Truss Coffee Roasters is happy to announce that they will be sponsoring BMX Pro Kevin Porter. Porter made waves as the first BMX rider to be sponsored by a coffee company, which was a perfect match given his love of the bean. Kevin Porter’s involvement with the coffee industry began with his ownership of North Center’s Delicious Cafe and culminated with a multi-year partnership with Intelligentsia. Motivated by his positive experience with the Chicago-based independent roaster, Kevin is excited to bring his innovative perspective and knowledge of coffee to this new venture with the city’s newest independent coffee roaster, Bow Truss.

Kevin Porter explained, “I am grateful for my time with Intelligentsia. It was a great experience and I learned so much. Now, I’m excited to be working with Bow Truss as they grow in these early stages. I look forward to some incredible brand collaborations and discovering some great single origins. My goal is to represent the brand and really help it expand to other independent communities outside of just coffee.”

Owner Phil Tadros shared that Bow Truss welcomed Kevin when “he came to us with a passion for coffee and people. Kevin felt our fresh collective of coffee veterans would be a perfect match of credibility with the excitement of being a budding startup.”

About Kevin Porter:
A Chicagoan born and raised, Kevin was once quoted on the cover of RIDEBMX magazine as the leader of the new school. He has worked with a host of successful action sports brands like Flybikes, Fox, Quintin Co, Duffs and Empire to develop 10 different signature shoes, 7 signature BMX frames, multiple parts and accessories. Porter looks forward to representing the architectural Bow Truss logo as he rides worldwide and at home in the Wilson skatepark. See more of Kevin’s travels and time at Bow Truss on Twitter and Instagram at @TierraKP

About Bow Truss Coffee Roasters: Bow Truss is a collective of veteran coffee professionals, coming together for the first time to create our ideal roasting company. We’re coffee minimalists; we know it doesn’t take thousands of dollars worth of gear to make a perfect cup of coffee. Our coffees are curated and roasted in our roasting house in Lakeview, Chicago. Visit the coffee roaster at 2934 N. Broadway or online at

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