Whilst on the Great Kent Bike ride in June, Ian put forward the idea of doing a long bike ride, inspired by Sandy Carson, Nick Coombes and Taj’s Seattle to San Francisco ride. By the end of that week we had decided to ride to Paris and back from Hastings and raise funds for the Boyley Park Phase 2 and the Boyley Trust Fund. We opted to use our single speed bikes to increase the challenge and then just wing it. The furthest the pair of us had ridden in a day before was 60 miles, so the 100 odd mile days with close to 70lb bikes when fully loaded was all new to us, and made it all the more exiting.

We are getting close to our £3000 target, but more donations are needed! so please go HERE to help if you can.

-Dean Hearne

**click on through to check out the photos.

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photos by Dean Hearne, Ian Morris