Animal “Foreign & Domestic” Download

Over the weekend I received an unexpected email from Scerbo containing a new Animal video. What? Yeah! It’s titled “Foreign & Domestic” and proved to be the perfect weekend viewing. Besides making me look cool, I had to mention said email in order to tell you that it’s quintessential Animal/Scerbo and that you should download it now. That’s right, this one is available as a digital download right now.

So… if you’ve got 5 bucks, go HERE.

Bonus info: I watched this with no fucks given about what camera (or cameras) was used.

4 responses to “Animal “Foreign & Domestic” Download”

  1. smoovebert says:

    amen re: cameras

  2. andy says:

    I just purchased the
    ‘Foreign & Domestic’ new animal digital download video. The film
    plays to about half way through then stops, I’ve tried different players
    and downloading it several times yet the same thing happens it will
    just stop at different points.

  3. andy says:

    turns out it was my connection. absolute quality video tho, worth every cent. inspired to go ride now. thanks to animal. love how the riding outweighs camera quality, how it should be

  4. Dannielle says:

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