Why Empire’s Bad Idea Works For Me.

It seems like just yesterday that Tom from Empire was berating (playfully more or less) Dave Parrick on Twitter for the delays on wrapping up Bad Idea. That berating seemed to go on forever, was comical and whether Empire knew it or not, it turned into somewhat of a natural built in marketing plan for the video. Well, It’s finally here. I purchased my copy a week or so ago.

In a nutshell:
Great riding + Dave Parrick’s touch + Surprising/adventurous Soundtrack = Bad Idea

Going on and on about the cast of riders in this video would be a waste of your time, because you should already be familiar with how uniquely talented they all are. Tom Smith is the only exception to this as he is somewhat unknown, but is certainly a nice addition. Everyone shines.

Where this video becomes uber-enjoyable for me, is through Dave’s editing and the music selection. I am actually in AWE of the music chosen for this video and how well each song works with each respective part. There are certain songs that you think would never work in a BMX video, that totally end up working in Bad Idea. There are no far reaching obscure songs or “flavor of the moment” acts, just timeless music that most of you will surely know. I am not going to rattle off any bands, you will have to get the video to find out or scour the internets. Perhaps my musical tastes just match well with whoever chose music, but the formula is a good one.

As for Dave, what can I say? If he had to spend the last 2171475 years making sure the riding, editing and music was in perfect harmony, than I’d say it was all worth it. Not too long, not too short, easily watchable. Good job.

Pick up Bad Idea if you like owning classics.


8 responses to “Why Empire’s Bad Idea Works For Me.”

  1. Agent Orange says:

    From all information I can readily acquire, I believe Mr. Parrick used a song those of us keen on Skavenger’s 2007 release, Edwin Delarosa’s part specifically, will be all too familiar with. – Agent Orange, Senior Investigator, ISJP (International Song Jacking Police)

  2. Hector von Bug Carapace says:

    This one time I was fucking a guy in the ass, and another guy was fucking me in the ass; I was sucking off a guy as well, whilst jacking off two other guys… and it wasn’t anywhere as gay as the concept of “songjacking”.

  3. Agent Orange says:

    I do not wish to know the details of your love life. I just remember the songs used in video parts. When I hear a song from a video on the radio, TV, record, or other video, my mind is instantly brought back to the original. Try and tell me Diary of a Madman, All Caps by Madvillain, Catch a Bad One, Stab by Built to Spill don’t instantly remind you of the video parts they were used in? Those are extreme cases, but this logic can be applied to all videos and parts. My favorite videos also happen to have amazing soundtracks, this is no accident.

  4. dccc says:

    defgrip sucks with these ads. i know its not paying your hosting

  5. Nuno says:

    ^ you know you want Teva shoes or a Dyson fan.

  6. angry dude says:

    No really.

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