The Making of Making

Don’t know too much about this project, but I’m really into the video that Wieden + Kennedy created for this Nike campaign. The sound design is beyond incredible.

5 responses to “The Making of Making”

  1. The writing is also great in this video Harrison.

  2. san agustin says:

    wow amazing.

  3. Putting ethical in unethical says:

    Nike directors to creative: How can we erase our entire history of unethical manufacturing so hipsters don’t feel so bad about buying our product? Creative: Easy dude, give us a bunch of money, we’ll release a boutique line and center our brand identity on that, then we can just keep doing things the same way but morons will think we’re ‘good’ now!

  4. Matt St. Gelais says:

    @Harrison That’s my homie Rob Lewis here in Portland – check his photos out here –

  5. Pete says:

    You guys are such suckas. This is just boring gross corp jargon. PRPR hook, line and sinker