New Vans LXVI Line

Vans just dropped the new LXVI line. Stoked to finally see this stuff. Me likes!

From Vans:

The action sport original proudly presents LXVI.

LXVI is the embodiment of forward thinking, functional designs for the active and youthful lifestyle surrounding action sports. LXVI embraces the freedom to think outside, push the envelope, solve, evolve and look to the future.

LXVI products are grounded in a familiar Vans visual aesthetic, but are free from the constraints of traditional construction methods. This freedom allows for designs focused on comfort, flexibility and lighter weight.

Check it all out HERE.

7 responses to “New Vans LXVI Line”

  1. Bobtodd says:

    so basically vans have coped the Nike hyperfuse style and are now according to vans themselves “forward thinking” no nike have already thought this one out.
    “embraces the freedom to think outside, push the envelope, solve,” really? solve what? thought outside? push what envelop?
    The only truths in vans’s statement our
    1 “grounded in a familiar Vans visual aesthetic,” yes they kept the vans side stripe!
    2 “free from the constraints of traditional construction methods.” well yeah there now glued together instead of stitched.!
    3 “designs focused on comfort, flexibility and lighter weight.”
    well yeah basically designed a colorful slipper that is lightweight.

    oh please…bring on the Shadow vans.

  2. Meowington says:

    All of these are great innovations borrowed from running shoes and it shows. God are these ugly.

  3. Did they consider that we buy half cabs because they don’t look like nike running shoes?

  4. doug says:

    vans is in a tough spot as far as design innovation goes because they more linked to their heritage than just about any bmx/skate company. I think people are attracted to vans’ rough around the edges aesthetic and the classic look/feel of their shoes. However, they shouldn’t be ever-nostalgic as that would eventually lose customer interest after a few generations of riders. I think vans can and is plenty good at improving their product, but models such as the new type II are a better representation of vans innovation than this line. the whole product/image does not identify with what attracts people to buy vans. I could, however, see etnies pulling off a line like this since they present themselves as a more future-oriented brand

  5. Justinkosman says:

    These are the most comfortable vans shoes I’ve ever worn.

  6. Justinkosman says:

    Arm chair quarterbacks and back seat drivers sure have a lot to write about. Put ’em on. It’s no bullshit.

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