Gumball 3000

As you may have noticed, the site has a been a bit slow lately… That has a lot to do with the fact that I just got home from one of the busiest travel months I’ve had in a long time. I was home for only four days in May and the rest were spent seeing the world and having a blast. The last week I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go on the Gumball 3000. Nigel Sylvester was invited by Gumball to go on the drive from New York to Los Angeles and I joined him to document the whole thing for his Get Sylvester series.

There’s no real way for me to sum up the trip in a blog post, but what I can say is that it was one of the best trips I’ve had in my life, I met some incredible people, was inspired more than I have ever been in a long time, and I didn’t want to see the trip come to an end. I swear we could have been driving for two months straight and I would still feel like the trip ended short.

Now I’m finally back home and I’m going straight into editing mode. Wish me luck because I’m pretty sure I didn’t turn my camera off for the entire month. I have gigs and gigs of amazing footage to go through and even though it’s going to be a daunting¬†task, I’m really excited to sort through all the footage and put the next few episodes of Get Sylvester together…

After the jump you can check out a little recap of Gumball via my Instagram photos. (follow me on instagram! @harrisonboyce)

The start of the race in Times Square.

First pit stop – Waffle House. Not a fan…

Storm troopin in a duck taped lambo.

One of two Bugatti’s on the trip.

Welcome to Canada.



Niagara Falls.

Indy 500.

Indy 500 pit row

400,000 people.

Terry Kennedy’s b-day.


Our crew. (clockwise) Nigel, Terry Kennedy, Wil, and Hawaii Mike.

St Louis.

Ski racks on Lambos.

Dinner with Bun B and the McGurr family – Futura, Tabatha, 13th Witness.

Chrome Lambos.

Who did the wraps for your Phantoms? Oh, the guy that does Ed Hardy.

Somewhere close to Texas.

Rally Fighter.

Night Rally.

Santa Fe.

Middle of nowhere.

Go Pro’s locked and loaded.

13th Witness and Futura.

Texas Porsche.

Bun B Trill O.G. (follow him on instagram @trillog)



Death Valley.

Every day.

Welcome to California.

The finish line.

Morgan Motors.

R8 in Death Valley.

Packing up.



Health food.

Supreme living.

Car 13 & 14.

The open rode.

Hawaii Mike behind the wheel. Hwy 190. Death Vally.


4 responses to “Gumball 3000”

  1. ethan says:

    I Think its pretty fucking cool that nigel or whoever produces his show have actually asked someone like you to document everything. I think its one of the reasons nigels show works

  2. Thanks man! I’ve been having so much fun with it and it means a lot to hear feedback like that.

  3. Julien says:

    It must have been an adventure! Totally agree with Ethan above. Thanks God it is not MTV but someone creative following him

  4. says:

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