Chip It!

This is pretty rad.

If you’re in the position of wanting /needing to paint your apartment or house and wish to use a photograph as color inspiration, than Sherwin Williams has you covered (no pun intended).

Chip It! is essentially a clever way to entice you to buy Sherwin Williams paint, but it is pretty cool regardless. Say you come across a photo you like with a cool color palatte/scheme on the web, Chip It! allows you to choose that photo and it will break it down into easy paint “chips” so you can get to painting. Boom!

All you have to do is drag the little “chip it” thing into your toolbar and you are set. I tried it above with one of my photos and it was super easy. I could see myself actually using this in the future.

3 responses to “Chip It!”

  1. jon stars says:

    Adobe has something similar this that I use all the time.

    You can upload photos and get color palettes, and they play off of color theory to create other pleasing palettes.

  2. Kyle says: has a search function that works a bit like that, but in reverse. You choose up to five colors, and it searches all of the images on the site for those colors.

  3. says:

    Now it is time to choose your specific investments.