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Will Stroud has been putting in work behind a video camera for many years now. He’s a staple in our scene and an absolute professional. I know because I’ve dealt with him first hand. He even provided me with direct links to each video part for this feature for crying out loud. Professional.

Anyway, instead of picking Will’s brain about video cameras and videography, I decided to find out what some of his all time favorite BMX videos & video parts are from a fan/viewer standpoint.

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Picking my top 10 favorite video parts of all time was a hard task. A really, really hard task. There are so many riders and video parts that made a huge impact on me as a rider and novice filmer in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. If you’re under the age of 25, there’s a really good chance you haven’t heard of a lot of these video parts, so I would strongly recommend watching them as a history lesson. Here’s my best attempt at remembering the parts that had the biggest impact on me, and the parts that I still love to this day.

– Will Stroud

(in no particular order)

1) Van Homan – Criminal Mischief (2001)
If you ask just about anyone from my generation what their favorite video part is, there’s a strong possibility they will say Van in Criminal Mischief. This part is good on so many levels and Van was pushing street riding to new limits that no one had seen before. All time classic.


2) Ride On – (1992)
When I was in 7th grade, I vividly remember walking around in the mall one day with my mom and brother. We walked into a surf shop called The Surf Report and they were playing Ride On. I remember standing in the store just being fixated the TV as it was the first time I had ever seen a real BMX video. I didn’t realize that BMX really existed outside of the small jumps in my parents yard that my brother and I used to ride on our cheap bikes that always broke. Later that year my brother and I got our first real BMX bikes and a copy of Ride On. That video as a whole is still my all time favorite. Kids these days might not understand the impact that Eddie Roman’s early videos had, but they definitely had a huge impact on my generation of riders. I actually got to meet Eddie Roman at NORA cup last year and got a photo taken with him, Hoffman and Taj. I felt like a kid again and it made me appreciate how BMX has changed my life in so many positive ways.

3) Hoffman Bikes Mad Matt – Taj Mihelich (1996)
This section was the first time I remember watching someone ride trails with great style. Taj’s riding was so stylish, unique and inspiring. Around the same time I saw this video is when I started riding with Chris Doyle, Ryan Barrett and Cory Muth. We would meet up at the 401 trails after school and ride until dark almost every day. Those were the good ol’ days that I will always remember and cherish. Taj’s part in Mad Matt had a huge influence on our scene.

4) Standard Domination – Punjab (1998)
I think Punjab might be one of the most underrated riders of all time. I remember watching this video in high school and just being blown away by his style and the way he did supermans and no foot can cans on all the jumps at Push. It’s funny how back in the 90’s videos weren’t really judged on filming or production, it was way more about the riding and music.

5) 1201 – (1995)
How can I not mention 1201 here? The intro to 1201 perfectly captures where BMX was in the mid 90’s. I remember watching this video a million times on my parents old VCR that barely worked. The intro has such a fun vibe and always got me pumped to go out and ride afterwards. I remember Cory Muth coming over to my parents house to watch this with us and him telling us stories about living at the Fat House in Fort Wayne, Indiana and riding PUSH in Pittsburgh. Cory even had a few clips in the video and I remember tripping so hard that I knew someone that was in this video. I’m pretty sure this was Stew’s first real video he put out and I’ve been a huge fan of all of his videos since then. RIP Mike Tag…

6) Demolition video – Kris Bennett (2002)
Bennett is another one of my all time favorite riders and a good friend. Everyone knew how good Bennett was on dirt but I feel like this part really showed how much he had progressed on street and ramps. This part is 10 years old but it would still be a legit video part if someone put this out in 2012. Kris is definitely on my all time top 5 favorite riders list.

courtesy of Terrible One website

7) Anthem 1 – Joe Rich (1997)
Anthem 1 was another video that made a huge impact on the BMX world when it came out. Joe Rich had the last part and rode to Earth Crisis “All Out War”. Joe was actually my Woodward camp instructor in 97 & 98 and was one of the nicest and humblest guys I had ever met. I’m pretty sure this section was filmed when Joe lived in Bethlehem, PA at the Superdome with Taj, Sandy Carson, Luc-e and several other top pros at the time. All of those guys were such a huge inspiration for me when I was in high school. Joe is another one of my all time favorite riders/people and this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning him..

Etnies Forward – Ruben – (2002)
Ruben is arguably one of the most stylish riders in the history of BMX. This part perfectly captures how he was pushing riding in new directions in the early 2000’s. I love how fast and smooth he rides. Legend status..

9) Square One Wide Awake Nightmare – Corey Martinez – (2003)
TNEZ came through with some fire for this video part. I think a lot of people knew how good Corey was back then but he lived in Alabama which made it hard to get a lot of coverage since the internet wasn’t as big back then. But this video really put TNEZ on the map and showed everyone how creative, dialed and burly his riding was. The last 30 seconds of this part was all really hard and progressive tricks for the time and the banger is still pretty unbelievable by today’s standards. Fast forward 9 years to 2012 and TNEZ is still progressing as a rider. I always joke with him and ask how he hasn’t run of of tricks to film over the years and he claims that what keeps him going is just finding new spots that are fun and unique. Another one of my all time favorite riders/humans.

10) Animal Can I Eat – Steven Hamilton & Edwin Delarosa (2003)
Can I Eat is another timeless classic and both Steven & Edwin’s parts are two of my all time favorites. It’s funny that these parts are in the same video but are SO different in almost every way. Steven’s part was filmed mostly around his hometown of Columbus, Ohio when he was in college and Edwin’s part was mostly filmed around NYC and the northeast. Both of these parts were ahead of their time and influenced a lot of tricks that people are doing today..

8 responses to “Will Stroud’s Favorite Video Parts”

  1. Sam says:

    I agree with every choice, massive bonus of having a video of each section, my next hour of internetting is now sorted.

  2. James says:

    Great choices, these were all so influential at their time.

  3. C. Doyle says:

    In my opinion, Punjab’s part is the definition of east coast trail style! That part is so rad. And, this was the first part that I saw that seemed like it was edited for the song. The (exact) one minute mark in the section is the best.

  4. Micah says:

    If I had to put together a top 10 list it would look really similar. I’d have to include the intro to the Dirt Bros video and something from Homeless Trash (Ed Koenning’s section, probably). Great picks though.

  5. man says:

    great post, this younger guy is learning a lot

  6. pussybreath says:

    josh hieno nowhere fast was not in this 🙁

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