Mike Tag’s recent passing has definitely been a major blow. It’s extremely sad when somebody has to succumb to a disease, and our thoughts are with Mike’s friends and family.

As I stated before… I did not know Mike personally, but there is a weird connection you feel to someone when you grow up watching them in BMX videos and reading about them in magazines. That’s Mike for me since the mid-late 90’s. Through FBM videos and such, Mike was definitely one of those riders that was just always there, in the scene.

This Mike Tag tribute features words from some of his close friends, as well as riders who were influenced by him. I simply asked them to write the first thing that came to mind about Tag. Click on through to see what Ryan Corrigan, Steve Crandall, Chris Doyle, John Paul Rogers, Stew Johnson, Bob Scerbo, Van Homan, Brian Tunney & Leland Thurman had to say.

Rest In Peace to Mike Tag.

– Nuno


MIKE TAG. When I think of that name all I can do is smile. I think that’s how he would want it. To come up with one story about him is almost impossible. As I sit here and try to come up with something, so many things start running through my head. For years we got to hang out, sit in ratty vans, cars, whatever and ride our little bikes around. Sleeping on grimey floors, or hopefully couches and even a few hostels. He was one of the most humble bike riders ever, which made it even better when kids would recognize him. We made it a point to always give each other shit about being recognized, which brings me to one of my favorite moments with Mike…

I think we were in Albany riding around downtown looking for spots and just cruising around the city. This had to be over 10 years ago. As we keep riding around we come across some local kids and we start talking to them about where the good spots are at. Then a few minutes in to the conversation, I notice the one kid looking at us both, looking at our bikes and I could see it coming together in his head. I’m just waiting to see what comes next. Then came one of my favorite things I have ever heard “Holy shit, you’re Mike Tag!”. He looked at me and he just shook his head. He knew I was so happy to have witnessed that. Then came another banger from the kid. He pointed at this handrail that had to have had like 10 kinks and steep as shit. One of the rails no one even looks at twice because it just isn’t happening. So anyway, he points at the rail right after he said, ”Holy shit, you’re Mike Tag!” and says can you grind that rail? My smile got bigger and bigger and I’ve never stopped saying “Holy shit, your Mike Tag!”, and I never will.

Love you brother, RIP.

Ryan Corrigan

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photos by Steve Crandall, Mark Choquette, assorted.