Random Facts about the CKI.

David Leep Photos

The Chad Kerley Invitational went down last weekend at the Bakery. In my opinion it was a great success. It was a simple concept that generated some great progressive riding, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout. In case you missed any of it, check out THESE TWO edits.

I hit up Brian Kachinsky and Chad Kerley to supply some random facts about the event, so check those out below.

Thanks to David Leep for the photos.


25 – The amount of hours spent sweeping, mopping and vacuuming The Bakery prior to the CKI event. And the place was still a bit dusty!

Bruno Hoffman, Dennis Enarson, Dan Lacey, Josh Harrington, Ty Morrow, Brad Simms, and Aaron Ross were all on the list but were either hurt or couldn’t make it.

2 – number of days it took to build the secret obstacle. It was built by Wisconsin shredders Jeff K (who also rode in the contest) with welding help from Ryan Harris.

Jeremiah Smith pulled a hangover tooth to tailwhip on the red up rail after the time was up so I don’t think anyone filmed it… But I saw it and freaked out, I never thought that trick would happen especially on that legit of a set up.

3 – number of guys the Bakery security guard “Tim” has beaten up by himself. Luckily he didn’t have to use his skills during this weekend’s event but we were in good hands.

Simone Barraco got hurt in practice doing a hanger 180 on the red rail. His back was hurt but was good enough to walk around and enjoy all the crazy tricks that went down. But if not for his injury, he would have killed it as well. He was definitely a stand out in practice.

10- Cases of Vitamin Water that was drank on the first day of practice.

Garrett Reynolds absolutely killed the contest with a 180 backwards grind to nose bonk bar on the out ledge, a feeble hard truck on the out ledge, a double peg hard 180 double bar on the red up rail, a bar ice to opposite tailwhip on the green rail and a double truck on the wheel chair hop.

11 – trips to Home Depot in preparation for the event.

Mike Jonas showed everyone how sick he is with a nollie over the yellow rail to flat, a nollie to over grind, a huge gap to the out ledge to high speed 360 off the end and made everyone freak out. He’s the man!

Connor Lodes got real tech by pulling a hang five to whip lash down the A-Frame ledge.

Devon Smillie was definitely a stand out during the whole contest with a crook to suicide no hander and crook to 180 bar.

Rob Wise had everyone freaking out a few times with a 180 backwards grind to fakie 360 on the red up rail, a 180 backwards grind to half can downside whip, and a hard 180 to backwards grind on the yellow rail. He killed it.

Sean Sexton and Stevie Churchill straight beasted out the whole time. Up rail to 180 tuck, feeble hard 360 on the out ledge, up rail to opposite whip from Sexton. And 360 whips, 720s, and tooth over 360s from Churchill.

412 – inches of peg inside The Bakery at one time. That’s a new record.

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