John Buultjens’ Haro bike collection

I remember when collecting old BMX bikes seemed a little bit kooky. I always thought it was cool, but I could never quite relate… until people started collecting bikes that I had personally lusted after, saved for, or learned tricks on in my childhood. The very first bike that made me decide that BMX was the best thing ever was the 1988 Haro Sport. I started raking leaves and shoveling snow, and before I knew it it was 1990, the Sport was temporarily gone, and I was buying the world’s first bashguard bike instead — $309 for the complete Haro Master from Frankford BMX mailorder.

John Buultjens is a true Haro loyalist in that his collection spans from the first freestyle bike to the last one Bob Haro designed before selling his company in 1993. And considering how Bob’s bikes are going for multi thousands on eBay these days, I should have raked a few more leaves and bought a few more bikes.

It’s rad to watch how the designs and graphics progress through the years. Take a trip.

19 responses to “John Buultjens’ Haro bike collection”

  1. S&S says:

    This is Amazing!

  2. John Buultjens says:

    Thanks Mike for posting this and the great words. What you wrote was from the heart and memory. I believe so many of us who started riding in the mid 80’s went through exactly that. Worked our asses off to save up for our dream bike. Thanks again mate. John Buultjens (teamharo)

  3. Chad DeGroot says:

    Holy shit

  4. Max says:

    Scottish John is BMX! Great video!

  5. man says:

    more closes ups next time please !

  6. Michael Crandon says:

    gyday mate i am just wondering i f you are interested in frame number HL1068786 my name is mick and look forward to your contact i see your interest in haro bikes and you wont believe where i got this from if you are are interested please contact me at ph number 0457330936 any way still top condition not sure what year but would love to know still beautiful frame my son has ownded it for 4 years and is just starting to apreciate it and i have always loved haro bikes i was born in 73 and realised straight away what a gem it was because i was riding from a young age my self but never had any money to ride such a great bike but would of loved to ride one i still say to him that i dout if any of your friends have one.Any way i look forward to your reply and if you dont then your collection doesnt get any bigger i guess but seems like all your bikes are alaminium this is genuine steel like a valve amp to transister i would

  7. Michael Crandon says:


  8. Paul Strictly BMX Melbourne says:

    Johns been a good friend to me for well over 20 years so I’m stoked to see this come to fruition.
    He’s put his heart & soul into this collection & it shows.
    I wish the video did have more close ups so people could see just how perfect each one is. From the spec to the assembly & sticker application it’s insane how much love has gone into this.
    Much love buddy. Hopefully something can be worked out so more people can see & appreciate this for themselves.

  9. Ben Abbott says:

    Hi John I’m after a haro sport light blue with black think its a 88 or 90’s model
    Could u send me in the right direction cheers Ben. Email is

  10. J Brown says:

    Hi John I was wondering if u could help me out. I am from Hillington Glasgow and I have had both my 1985 Haro masters stole last week. One is green and the other white. I’ve got all the serial numbers etc. I was hoping you could keep a eye out for anybody trying to shift them. They are both show bike condition. I could send you pictures if needed. The police have all the details but I’m spreading the word also. There is a reward to get these bikes back. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks J Brown.

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