Interview: Dennis Enarson

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Now… Let’s talk Markit. At the moment it appears to be a crew thing with some web edits and such, but it will evolve into something more correct? What can you tell us about the plan for Markit?

Yes, it is a crew of some of my best friends, and in my eyes some of the best riders out there. This is my first time saying this publicly, but it is going to turn into something much more then just a crew. MARKIT will be a Denim company focusing on making quality jeans. The first pair is amazing and I starting working on a second fit now. The two pairs of jeans, one skinny and one relaxed, will drop when the video is complete. There’s also going to be some soft goods when the video comes out but all those details aren’t completely finalized yet.

When was the idea for Markit born and how much of an undertaking is it going to be?

I had planned on doing something with Garrett a couple years ago, but I had to back out because I had too good of a relationship with a prior sponsor and I couldn’t let something that good go. After that I still really had the urge to try and start something small on my own. I felt like I knew enough to bring something really cool and good for our sport into BMX. I got really picky with my jeans and how they fit, felt to ride in, felt to chill in, and how durable they were. It was almost impossible to find a pair of pants I was all around stoked on. Sure enough everybody I lived with was having the same problem. Then it clicked one day. Why not just make my own and do something fun with it. So the idea built and built until one day it was all finally turning into something real. It’s been really cool too because it’s all on my own time. I’ve never felt rushed, or even obligated to do this. It’s just kind of been a big hobby that’s been a lot of fun working with all my close friends.

You guys are currently filming for a Markit video as well. Stacked team too. When is that supposed to drop?

I am proud to say that the video will be dropping on Itunes something around this time next year. Everybody wants there parts to be the best they have filmed yet, and Christian is filming the whole thing so there is really no deadline. But that’s just the time frame I have in my mind with how well things have been going so far.

I just re-watched your Last Chance part and that shit is amazing. I’m not saying “amazing” in a general blowing smoke up your ass kinda way, it is truly mind blowing. Do you have a general idea or direction as to how your Markit part will be?

Thank you very much. That video was so fun to film and I can’t thank Demolition parts enough for giving me the opportunity to film a part in their DVD. It might sound strange, but I already look back at that part and don’t like my riding in it half as much as I did when it first came out. I’m very hard on myself when it comes to my riding and I think thats why I will keep making video parts until I feel like I’ve stopped progressing. I want to look at my MARKIT part and be completely happy with every clip. For a general idea of how it’s going to be, I don’t really have one. I just want to be happy with it before it comes out.

Whatever you do, keep hauling ass at shit.

Haha you now it! That’s my favorite way to ride.

Thanks for your time Dennis. Anything you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

I would like to thanks My Mom, Dad, and girlfriend Carly for being so helpful through out this injury. Especially the first week after surgery when I was stuck in a hospital bed. I also would like to thank everyone who has been chilling with me throughout this, my sponsors for being behind me, Haro Bikes, Nike, Rockstar, Demolition Parts, and Oakley. The whole MARKIT crew for being the best group of dudes to go on trips with and anyone who is truly down with BMX. Also thanks for taking time to read this whole thing if you did!

8 responses to “Interview: Dennis Enarson”

  1. ignoranus says:

    “I don’t think there is anything wrong with what Nike has done.”

    Talk about ignorant. Keep making money while thousands are enslaved with out proper pay or work conditions. Don’t try to start a union, you will get fired. Someday you will have to look at the world as the something bigger than yourself. Not everyone is blessed with a perfect life like you.

  2. Patricio Morales says:

    Dennis: The expresion “3rd World Country” is not a happy expression. I’m from Argentina, a country that you North Americans consider a “3rd World Country” and let me tell you that I’m a normal person but I know for sure that I have a much more better Healt Plan o Healt Insurance than you. As the previus person commented: Try to understand that the world is bigger than your lovely San Diego (That by the way is a Spanish name like many many other cities in the “3rd world countries”). One last thing I traveled a lot across Europe and some parts of Asia, where there are many many many others “3rd World Countries” and their Health Plans are also way better than yours. Greetings from the “3rd World”, Patricio.

    Ps: Try to think as you ride. Trust me that you will be amazing at it too.
    Ps 2: Ignoraus I totally agree with you.

  3. "3rd World Country" says:

    Legit hate right there!

  4. Francois_debroux says:

    Out of context! The question was about Nike’s involvement in BMX and not the way they treat their workers in places like China, which by the way can be said about many large corporations. Now I don t have the pleasure to know Dennis personally but he seems like a good kid who really want to promote BMX. He is successful in his BMX career and that’s great for him.
    Chill man.

  5. Francois_debroux says:

    Patricio, I think you misunderstood what Dennis said. To me, he didn t seem to dis your country or any other one. Perhaps a bad choice of words but it appears he was just saying he was lucky to have the accident happen so close to his home where he can have the support of his family and friends. He also said he felt really lucky to live in SD. If he s happy to live there, that’s all that matters really…

  6. Speedfreek1210 says:

    my god you guys piss and moan alot. nothing better to do huh? bunch of bitches…

  7. Christiandavis98 says:

    chill out guys, dennis is a good guy, ur just jeleous that he shreds better than any of u. if u really got to know him like me, u would have a better perspective on him

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