Interview: Dennis Enarson

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What got you into BMX? Do you remember the exact moment or situation?

I raced when I was younger and really started to love going to new tracks and meeting new kids that rode all over. I remember I went to a national somewhere in Texas and there was a skatepark next to it. I thought the park was so much cooler than the track. Then this kid moved in down the street who rode dirt jumps and he saw I had a big back yard with a bunch of dirt in it and him and my brother built a cool little 4 pack. The feeling of doing new tricks and going higher was so amazing. I eventually faded from racing and just started riding jumps.

It’s no secret that San Diego has produced some riding legends in its day. Any specific local rider that influenced you the most?

Steve Woodward was my main influence when I really started getting into BMX. He was the local hero at the Claremont park where I first started riding ramps. He would just absolutely murder it every session, and I wanted to ride just like him. Eventually we found out we didn’t live too far from each other and we started hanging out a lot. Pretty soon we would ride together about everyday.

What was it about Steve that got you stoked?

Steve was just a really laid back dude who had a passion for the same thing I did. He was on a whole different level than anyone else I had ever seen and didn’t seem to even have to try. Steve still kills it to this day, even though he’s a little more underground. He’s shredding my ramps as I write this haha.

I think the laid back San Diego/California thing comes through in you’re riding, as you seem to have a casual carefree way of firing out wild shit. I feel like you have a “let’s party” approach to riding, would you agree with this assessment?

Haha I guess so. I just really like to ride that way. I don’t really ride much different on a regular session then I would if there’s a camera out or I’m at a contest. I really just enjoy pushing myself and even getting my heart pumping by scaring myself a little. Not to say I never just have a chill session, but most of the time when I’m feeling it, it makes me happy to do something a little outside of my comfort zone.

Didn’t you put on sunglasses for that big whip into the ditch because you thought you needed some kind of “protection”? Pretty sure I read that in an interview somewhere. What’s the story there?

That interview was pretty bad. I was really young when I did that and I had a few drinks so nothing in that should be taken too seriously. The true reason I wore them is because I had been wearing them all day prior. I even had them on when I was running up to it. I never really thought to take them off just because my eyes were so used to them. Riding in sunglasses usually doesn’t bother me, I’ve filmed a few other things in shades just because it felt right.

After seeing some of the best riders in the world get head injuries over the last few year I’m trying to wear my helmet as much as possible now. If I was to go back and do anything into that ditch I would for sure throw one on.

Is that ditch whip the scariest thing you’ve done?

At the time it was, but there were a few things in the Demolition video that scared me more. Like the bar into the staples center ledge at the end of my first song. That is a way sketchier setup in my eyes and I think I was a little more nervous doing that. There’s also been a few clips already filming for my MARKIT ZERO part that have been scarier for me.

Did you know that there’s a Dennis Enarson Wikipedia page that states: “He is known as one of the best riders in freestyle for his cannonball barspins and ability to adapt to any street, park or dirt course”. How often do you do cannonball barspins, haha?

That’s crazy I didn’t know that haha. I would just call it a no footed seat grab barspin because that’s all I’m really doing when I do that trick. I only do it every once in a while. It’s really fun, but I don’t like doing my box jump tricks over and over again. It kinda lessens the fun level if you do that. At least for me.

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8 responses to “Interview: Dennis Enarson”

  1. ignoranus says:

    “I don’t think there is anything wrong with what Nike has done.”

    Talk about ignorant. Keep making money while thousands are enslaved with out proper pay or work conditions. Don’t try to start a union, you will get fired. Someday you will have to look at the world as the something bigger than yourself. Not everyone is blessed with a perfect life like you.

  2. Patricio Morales says:

    Dennis: The expresion “3rd World Country” is not a happy expression. I’m from Argentina, a country that you North Americans consider a “3rd World Country” and let me tell you that I’m a normal person but I know for sure that I have a much more better Healt Plan o Healt Insurance than you. As the previus person commented: Try to understand that the world is bigger than your lovely San Diego (That by the way is a Spanish name like many many other cities in the “3rd world countries”). One last thing I traveled a lot across Europe and some parts of Asia, where there are many many many others “3rd World Countries” and their Health Plans are also way better than yours. Greetings from the “3rd World”, Patricio.

    Ps: Try to think as you ride. Trust me that you will be amazing at it too.
    Ps 2: Ignoraus I totally agree with you.

  3. "3rd World Country" says:

    Legit hate right there!

  4. Francois_debroux says:

    Out of context! The question was about Nike’s involvement in BMX and not the way they treat their workers in places like China, which by the way can be said about many large corporations. Now I don t have the pleasure to know Dennis personally but he seems like a good kid who really want to promote BMX. He is successful in his BMX career and that’s great for him.
    Chill man.

  5. Francois_debroux says:

    Patricio, I think you misunderstood what Dennis said. To me, he didn t seem to dis your country or any other one. Perhaps a bad choice of words but it appears he was just saying he was lucky to have the accident happen so close to his home where he can have the support of his family and friends. He also said he felt really lucky to live in SD. If he s happy to live there, that’s all that matters really…

  6. Speedfreek1210 says:

    my god you guys piss and moan alot. nothing better to do huh? bunch of bitches…

  7. Christiandavis98 says:

    chill out guys, dennis is a good guy, ur just jeleous that he shreds better than any of u. if u really got to know him like me, u would have a better perspective on him

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