The Hunt X Skullcandy Giveaway


Wanna win the headphones you see above? Got a Twitter? Perfect!

The Hunt & Skullcandy will send a pair to one lucky winner (who Justin Kosman will choose at random). All you have to do is leave a comment and your Twitter name below, with your  answer to the following question:

“Who would you like to see put together a Hunt part this year?”

Leave your answer in the comments below along with your Twitter name so we can select and contact the winner. Winner will be picked on Monday.

(Jaws not included)

30 responses to “The Hunt X Skullcandy Giveaway”

  1. OFGWKTA△ says:

    Garrett Reynolds!!!!!!

  2. Andy says:

    I’d have to say Ben Lewis. Gotta be some fresh shit to come from him. @andypandytaylor

  3. * DBZ says:

    Jason Levy @DBZ138

  4. PawelB says:

    Dave Mirra!

  5. revdub says:

    I second Garrett Reynolds. That dude is nuts. @revdub

  6. briney says:

    Seth Kimbrough!

  7. Sean says:

    Mat Roe!!!!! SeanGordyBrown

  8. jack says:

    tom dugan @thehenrym

  9. H00d says:

    Albert Mercado @christopherh00d

  10. JonFischer303 says:

    Sergio Layos and Craig Passero @Jonfischer303

  11. Dakotagraff says:

    ALBERT MERCADO!!!! #DITCH @dakotagraff

  12. Mark says:

    Simone Barraco @MarkTCheel

  13. Logan says:

    Mike Hoder @LoganBingham

  14. Jesse Jarvie says:

    Drew York @Jessejarvie

  15. Shaun A Hildebrandt says:

    Dave Thompson @shaunhil

  16. Simon bulbeck says:

    BENGO! that guy is on some next level shit, love to see what he could pull out the bag. @sirballbag

  17. Samuel Ellis says:

    JOSH BEDFORD. @samellisdesign

  18. Florian Lancelle says:

    Florent Soulas. France represent!

  19. Sean says:

    Robbo! @SeanGordyBrown

  20. Alex says:

    Kevin Kiraly! @alex_nderthegr8

  21. Doug W says:

    clint reynolds. @dwnj

  22. Rob Diquattro or Devon Smilie!


  23. CharlieC says:

    benny L

  24. JamesP says:

    Gabe Brooks would kill it @JDPettitt

  25. Ethan Goan says:

    the baddest dude out Chester Blacksmith.

  26. allan says:

    Garret Byrnes @i_dunno__

  27. Eli Godman says:

    Matt Hoffman! @EliGodman

  28. revdub says:

    So… Who won?

  29. Poop says:

    hahaha..remember that time you gave away iphone cases….not.

  30. Tyler Johnson says:

    I know I am late on this, but…

    Tate Roskelley and Mike Mastroni Joint part filmed by Joe Simon. Just let the creativity run wild with that one!!!