The Albion Coming To North America

Rejoice! The Albion is about to be readily available in the USA & Canada. Read the press release below.

The Albion is just about to launch in North America. It will be available in the USA and Canada. This will be the first time anyone there will be able to get a copy of The Albion for free. We are shipping this week from Liverpool to New York City where it will be sent to participating distros and mailorder stores who will be sending out the mag to their BMX shops. We hope to continue to drive kids into BMX shops and selected outlets where scenes are happening rather than convenience stores to pick up The Albion for free. The success and support from the BMX industry worldwide has been a major factor in the decision to take the mag to America. To the brands who will be distro’ing The Albion for us we are of course ever thankful.

This will co-incide with the launch of our NEW WEBSITE where editorial ideas manifest themselves digitally as well as on paper, a first for us and a step into the void where we hope we can reach out to our brothers and sisters globally. All three Editors will be updating the site regularly so keep your eyes peeled for exclusive content and sign up for our newsletter. For those riders who have subbed already, we will be addressing the issue shortly and will post on our FB as soon as the finer details have been worked through. Thanks for your support. see you all soon.

Support your bike shop and buy stuff that lasts, fix stuff that breaks and drink water, it’s free.

The Albion

Spring 2012

2 responses to “The Albion Coming To North America”

  1. Lover of Print says:

    Have y’all heard any word on which US locations and when it can be expected to be available (if it isn’t already?). Looking forward to checkin’ out Issue #7. Thanks!

  2. says:

    And this is an investment danger price taking.