Premiere: Odyssey Palm Springs

You’ve seen the photogallery, now here’s the video. Odyssey Palm Springs.

Featuring Sean Sexton, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry, Adam Banton, Mike Aitken, Gary Young, George Boyd, Justin Simpson, Matt Beringer, Broc Raiford, Eric Lichtenberger and Chase Hawk.

Filmed by Francis Delapena, Devon Hutchins, Jim Bauer, Eric Lichtenberger.

Edited by Francis Delapena.


filmed by Francis Delapena, Devon Hutchins
edited by Francis Delapena
  • Tom Perry

    turned out awesome! good job francis!

  • Heckman8

    Aaron ross is the man

  • Brent Mediratta

    Wow! simply amazing!

  • outch…

  • Andre Carpenter

    This video was nothing short from Amazing! But I mean, what else should anyone expect from the odsy team! Great job guys!

  • Potsmoker

    really nice watch

  • Driverdan23

    Good stuff, all around. I really love the tricks linking flatland and street together.

  • Alex Bermudez

    That was highly entertaining and looked real fun. I even seen a good fakie wall in there.

  • Hello

    Oh god I would like more footage on Chase Hawk…. So incredible smooth… The video was great otherwise tho

  • Shawn

    Berringer = so awesome!

  • Wbdykes

    needed more hawk, i know dang dang is popular but hawk is still them man

  • Tyler

    yeah whats with only 3 Hawk clips?

  • Seroja from Russia

    very nice,but needed more sean sexton.he is awesome

  • meme

    george boyd is awesome

  • Rhys

    Quality clips obviously, but what is up with the horrendous wind noises? I’d expect more from an Odyssey produced clip.

  • Jake Evans

    Lovin it

  • winston

    was that twin palms?

  • Guiguihborges

    Matthias is the best forever!!!

  • Rockinharry07

    loved it so glad to finally see it!! ya

  • Jon

    Not enough chase clips!

  • esta bien chid¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Tschmity06

    Terry Adams is a beast!!!

  • Tschmity06

    Broc is doing his thing out there!!!

  • tbo13

    solid footage… well done!!!

  • tbo13

    no its Palm Springs!

  • David Strogiy

    Mike Atkin …. but slowly returned. and this is good!

  • Pat

    team is stacked with every style possible…All shredders, so so so good!

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