During February of this year, the whole Odyssey crew got together in Palm Springs, CA for a week of riding and chilling. A house was rented for the week which had plenty of room, a pool and all the amenities we could need to survive. The crew consisted of Sean Sexton, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry, Adam Banton, Mike Aitken, Gary Young, George Boyd, Justin Simpson, Matt Beringer, Broc Raiford, Eric Lichtenberger and Chase Hawk. Francis Delapena and Devon Hutchins were on hand to film, along with Keith Mulligan and Jeff Z who covered it for RIDE BMX. Jim Bauer, Stephen Campbell and myself were on hand as well. It was quite the crew.

With so many people on one trip, there’s always the potential for a huge calamity to take place. Surprisingly though, getting about 20 people functioning and out of the house early and riding was consistently smooth throughout the week. We ran into some 1,000 mile an hour winds, some rain and Hoang got a little busted, but other than that it all went smooth.

Between Jim, Stephen and Myself, we had a mixture of disposable cameras, real cameras (film and digital) and a Polaroid camera on the trip. The photos you are about to click through will give you a casual glimpse of our week in Palm Springs.

Also, We will be premiering the Palm Springs edit here on April 16, so be sure to come back and check that out.


photos by Jim Bauer, Stephen Campbell, Nuno Oliveira