Matty Lambert’s 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

Matty Lambert. When I think of Matty, I for some reason think about iPhone apps and technology based awesomeness. I previously described him as “the tallest, most iPhone app savvy English person I know”.  Could have been the time he shared his wealth with Harrison and I during a dinner at the Nike POOL thing last year.

I asked Matty about his 5 favorite iPhone apps. Click below to see what he chose.

Snapseed – This for me is the closest thing to photoshop/lightroom on the iPhone. Snapseed has all the editing capabilities you need for a quick photo tweak. Cause let’s face it that’s what we want, if we wanted anything that takes a bit longer we wouldn’t have shot it on the iPhone.

AutoStitch – A lot of people have their own favourite panoramic app but this is my favourite one. It’s really easy to use, the resolution of the final image is higher than a lot of the panoramic apps (such as “360”) and you get to keep all the original images.

Pro HDR – Way better than the normal HDR feature in the normal camera app. Want to get the foreground and that amazing sunset in the background all in one shot? This is that app #stayflared

TimeLapse – I love a good time-lapse. Results from this, used with an iPhone 4 or newer, actually produce time-lapses you can use within your videos, not just iPhone videos. There’s two interfaces so if you’re new to this it makes it simple. If you know exactly what you want there’s a UI for that too. The main feature I like about it is the ability to save the original images so you can make time-lapse videos way bigger than Full 1080p HD if you want to take them off the phone and convert them yourself.

Instagram – I’m sure you’ve already got it.. Easiest way to share your photos across all the social networks. Turn your shit photos into half interesting ones.


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4 responses to “Matty Lambert’s 5 Favorite iPhone Apps”

  1. smoovebert says:

    vsco cam will blow your mind

  2. just downloaded vsco and am pretty stoked on it. snapseed is definitely my go-to…

  3. James Bruce says:

    You’re seriously not going to link to the apps? Wow.

  4. says:

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