Pretty awesome film from Casey Neistat for Nike’s Make It Count campaign. Apparently, he took all the money Nike gave him to make a film and spent it traveling the world until he ran out of money… It only took him 10 days, but he covered some serious ground and put together a great video about it. (via TWBE)

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  1. Tobias Funke says:


  2. Greedisnotgood says:

    Come on kids, this is pretty basic use of strategy. Nike is too large of a brand to create intimacy with its audience. They need to be emotionally affective so they hire this hipster and try to appear rebellious by ‘letting’ him travel the world on their dime. Then they whore out a bunch of great quotes from individuals with real artistic integrity in order to attach these meanings to their products. As a huge fan of the grip I’m really concerned if you guys are actually buying into this bullshit.

  3. Pundit says:

    @ Greedisnotgood Thanks, I could not have said it any better. Still a nice little video and props to the brand strategy department at Nike.

  4. Allan Cooke says:

    For real, it’s marketing/entertainment. If you dont like it dont watch it, it’s pretty simple.

  5. Greedisnotgood says:

    Dude, saying its marketing/entertainment is fine but lets be literal about its intentions. As a communications student it has been made all to clear to me how dangerous and powerful media can be when the audience doesn’t have the media literacy to take it for what it is. By perpetuating myths like this campaign the grip’ empowers the idea that nike is more than a hollow, exploitive multinational corporation, and i expect more from harrison and the boys.

  6. Pundit says:

    As a communications graduate and having dealt frequently with Nike on a professional basis I can tell you that you’re giving them too much credit.

    Even though their company culture is “competitive” and they are in fact a hollow, exploitive multinational corporation (seems redundant, which one isn’t hollow and exploitive?) the people I have dealt with, from local designers to global directors, are basically people like us who ride bikes, skate, surf and read the same books, movies etc. They are not that smart at plotting world domination and I don’t think the movie was made with evil intent.

    However, there is no way Casey Neistat didn’t have to make a serious proposal for this film. I think in his mind he thought it would be fun to fly around the world and adapted the proposal to meet the brief. Atleast he made it count.

    Just enjoy it for what it is.

  7. Tony Piff says:

    nice little bit o’ discourse.

    when is someone going to co-opt worcester’s autophoto?

  8. thecomedown says:

    I felt pretty inspired to enslave a new family into to piss poor labor.

  9. Hm says:

    with that much money and opportunity i have to say that is an awful campaign film. not only from a marketing point of view, but artistically and simply overall. i thought inspirational quotes by the dozens were no longer acceptable as a facade of intellect.
    if they wanted to make it count they could’ve done it so much better. hell, i or anyone else on this website could’ve done it a million times better. “do more”? seriously? horrible

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