Get Sylvester Episode 1 Barcelona

The first episode of Nigel Sylvester’s new series ‘Get Sylvester’ just went live! I have been working with Nigel on this project for a bit and am super excited for everyone to get to check it out. This is just the first episode of 10 that we will be working on over the next few months and we have a lot of awesome stuff in the works.

To kick the series off, the first episode documents a trip we took to Barcelona to film an edit for Beats by Dre (that will be dropping on Thursday). Check out the first episode above, make sure to subscribe to the series on Nigel’s youtube page, and if you missed any of the teasers check out all three of them after the jump!

5 responses to “Get Sylvester Episode 1 Barcelona”

  1. Spoon says:

    Awesome stuff!

  2. Allan Cooke says:

    The first content that I have watched on network@

  3. Allan Cooke says:

    what I meant to type was first content worth watching

  4. Great Stuff Harrison!!!!!

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