Woke up after a desert bivouac with a thick layer or frost on the arid desert landscape.  A couple hours of trooping through an isolated pocket of Utah’s wilderness brought me one of those see it to believe it spots.  I popped into the frame for perspective, then zigzagged around with my eyes glued to the ground looking for fossilized dinosaur tracks that are supposed to be in the area.  A few hours later my eyes rose to focus on the sun dropping towards the horizon.  It was one of those “oh shit I’m lost” moments in a nondescript landscape with darkness (and cold) rapidly approaching.  I followed a hunch over a small mountain in a fastest way from point A to B hail marry and ended up back at the bike right about when its so dark you can’t see your outstretched hand.  Who was it who said “its not an adventure until something goes wrong”?

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photos by Ryan Worcester