What we have pictured here is the artist formally known as J-man, Jimmy, the Levangelist, or James Menard LeVan.  He is now known as the Metal bikes Skull/Spade.  That isn’t true and is such an inside joke that 3 people might get it , and I’m OK with that.  I’m resisting the urge to say anything about what is seen here like the rings that might of come from Hot Topic (sorry Jimmy Haha), but the thing that I can’t escape here is that Jimmy really is a legend.  I spent a few years living with him in Seattle on and off, and I’d need a lot more room than I have here to expand on that one.  One of the things I really respect about Jimmy is that as much as it exists in a cloud of near insanity, Jimmy in unmistakably himself.  Even down to his voice which is actually not from years of gurgling Kentucky Bourbon but rather choking on a walnut at age three.  I’m rambling.  Story time with Jimmy is a treat, and he is such a character that sometimes his friends try to put on his voice and tell his stories, but there is only one Jimmy.  If you are ever in a car with Jimmy though, this is what will happen: a song will come one and Jimmy will exclaim “this one’s a belter!” and turn it up.  He will do the same for the next song, and the next song.  You get the point.  By about the fourth song your eardrums are being crushed by the volume 11 decibel hammer.  But that sums up Jimmy: Volume 11.

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photos by Ryan Worcester