I spent a few years seasonally based out of Idaho, working for the US Forest Service doing a variety of things. Public land management has shifted in some respects from resource extraction to recreation, and I had the opportunity to be deeply involved with designing and building a mountain bike specific trail system that had berms, jumps, etc.  Given the slow and lethargic gait that Federal land management can move at, it felt great to make that a reality.  I also fought a fair amount of wildland fire on various assignments, and worked a lot on remote multi-use or foot traffic only trail systems.  A day would often entail carrying a chainsaw with lots of supplies 15 miles or so up a mountain cutting countless downed or hazard trees in the process. Once and a while a day like this would pop up, where our entire mission for the day was to close some gate in a very remote location, where no part of the day felt like work at all.  I miss those days sometimes.

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photos by Ryan Worcester