Sean is one of my favorite people.  This is a little harder to date than your standard BMX photo partly because burns rode a 45 tooth sprocket until the bitter end.  Sean signed to ride with Primo long after 45’s had faded into the dusty filing cabinet of nostalgia for most people, but when Sean was asked by then Primo team manager Dave Davenport if he would consider going to a smaller sprocket, his response was a dead-pan “No Fucking Way.”  Sean has moved onto greener pastures at Eclat now, but one more incidental from when Burns rode for Primo was team manager Nate Morashan telling Sean he needed to learn how to land better or stop doing stuff to flat when he kept asking for wheels.  In Sean’s defense, Primo’s spokes were horrible during this time period, and telling a rider you are sponsoring that they need to ride differently sounds to me kind of like signing a speed metal band to a record label then telling them they need to play hip-hop.  It makes no sense.  Incidentally, I once spent a Thanksgiving at Sean’s house, where everyone there aside from Sean and I either was a cop or in the army.  It was awkward.

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photos by Ryan Worcester