This photo is from around the time we were filming for the first “Off The Map” video, when the “secret spot” craze was in full swing.  speaking candidly, I’m kind of disappointed that era was collectively pawned off by the BMX media in exchange for flat brimmed Monster hats, a staircase arms race and a flat ledge height pole.  I’m sure saying that will make someone on an anonymous internet soapbox mad, and I’m ok with that.  back to the photo, Matt Busby is exiting the pipe, with Shajn “Ferbert” Raines gazing up and Sean Burns somewhere below.  Someone had to follow behind you with a light to ride the pipes (mostly about 13′ diameter) that went forever, complete with hips, elbows, connections and at least one “death hole” that dropped into an abyss. We popped up one of these portholes and ended up in some sort of factory, lights on-no one home.  I think we all got sick from all the cement dust inhaled spending the night down there.

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photos by Ryan Worcester