A photograph can be a powerful tool.  The slice of time represented can tell a story, while eliciting a floodgate of memories and emotions. This contraption was an idea I’d had for a couple years and was lucky enough to manifest the idea into reality. This was a couple month trip primarily over backroads of the Western U.S.  I camped most of the time, rode in rain, Ice and snow.  I was teetering on the precarious edge of hypothermia much of the trip and had a blast in the process.  This particular image was shot on a morning in the eastern Sierra.  In the background is Mt. Whitney, which is the tallest peak in the lower 48 at 14,505ft elevation.  It tells two stories for me, as I’ve skied the mountaineer’s route on this peak, which is visible as a ribbon of snow known an a couloir if you follow straight up from my BMX crossbar to lookers right of the summit.

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photos by Ryan Worcester