Available Now: Destroying Everything

Ricky Adam’s new photo book is available right now!

Through a well planned trans-atlantic liaison (Aaron Ross), I was able to receive an early copy this book shortly after Simple Session. Too much info I know, I just wanted to use the word “liaison” once in my life. Anyway…. you can bet your ass that if I’m posting this, than I enjoy this book. I’ve been a fan of Ricky Adam’s photos forever now, so I’m stoked to finally have this to put on my shelf. Thanks Ricky!

You can find this book in the US through S&M or FIT webstores.

Go HERE for a list of international distros.

Matty Lambert’s 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

Matty Lambert. When I think of Matty, I for some reason think about iPhone apps and technology based awesomeness. I previously described him as “the tallest, most iPhone app savvy English person I know”.  Could have been the time he shared his wealth with Harrison and I during a dinner at the Nike POOL thing last year.

I asked Matty about his 5 favorite iPhone apps. Click below to see what he chose.



I would freak the fuck out.

Andrew Holder

Andrew Holder has a new site up. Eyeball that HERE.

While you’re at it, check out the Q&A I did with Andrew back in 2009. Definitely a fan of this dude’s stuff.

Public Enemy – Fight The Power

I’ve been coming across all kinds of articles regarding the 20 year anniversary of the L.A. Riots, which for one reason or another, led me to Public Enemy.

Although not directly related to the L.A. Riots, Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” still gives me chills all these years later.

The Hunt X Skullcandy Giveaway


Wanna win the headphones you see above? Got a Twitter? Perfect!

The Hunt & Skullcandy will send a pair to one lucky winner (who Justin Kosman will choose at random). All you have to do is leave a comment and your Twitter name below, with your  answer to the following question:

“Who would you like to see put together a Hunt part this year?”

Leave your answer in the comments below along with your Twitter name so we can select and contact the winner. Winner will be picked on Monday.

(Jaws not included)

Disposed: Stranger in AZ

Charlie Crumlish went on a filming trip to Arizona with the Stranger crew and sent over a bunch of great disposed photos from the trip. Keep reading to check them out!


On a lighter note…

VAN HOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some new shit from one of the best to ever do it.

Filmed & edited by
Will Stroud

Additional filming by
Corey Martinez

Photography by
Zack Roberts